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Our water coolers provide unlimited filtered, fresh and eco-friendly water on tap with a guaranteed fixed cost from only $10 per week.


State-of-the-art filtration system

Unlike costly and bulky bottled water supplies, our hi-tech carbon filtration system converts your own tap water into unlimited freshly filtered and purified drinking water – at just a fraction of the cost!

Why Water Cooler Newcastle?

instant fresh, filtered water

Water Cooler Newcastle are an experienced team of water cooler and dispenser professionals, dedicated to keeping your water fresh, delicious and free from contaminants.

From the humble water cooler and bubbler, to the powerful, building-wide filtration systems, we have a diverse range of water cooler solutions to suit your needs. Our systems provide unlimited boiling, chilled or room temperature water, or we can customise a combination of these options.

Water Cooler Newcastle’s local team will make your journey easy and convenient, by taking care of the installation process, organising and conducting regular maintenance, changing the filters and even replacing the machine if/when required. This quality service is guaranteed in our customer rental agreements.

Water Cooler Newcastle water coolers and dispensers are environmentally friendly. Our ‘green system’ eliminates the need to purchase plastic bottles (which end up in landfill) and truck deliveries (which cause carbon emissions).

Businesses throughout the Greater Newcastle region including The Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Cessnock, Maitland and Port Stephens are already enjoying filtered, fresh and eco-friendly water. Enquire today to start your free trial and see how an Water Cooler Newcastle system can benefit you.

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